Go, quicktype!


quicktype can now output Go in addition to C#.

Example: Latest Bitcoin block

For example, here's the JSON for the latest Bitcoin block from blockchain.info/latestblock:

  "hash": "00000000000000000039812e769f24205e041b453c293e27b62589875b4eb446",
  "time": 1500137916,
  "block_index": 1598634,
  "height": 475937,
  "txIndexes": [

Generate typed Go code

Using the quicktype command (available via npm i -g quicktype), we can generate strongly typed Go code for working with this Bitcoin data:

$ quicktype -o latest_block.go https://blockchain.info/latestblock

This creates the file latest_block.go with the following Go code:

// To parse and unparse this JSON data, add this code to your project and do:
//    r, err := UnmarshalBitcoinBlock(bytes)
//    bytes, err = r.Marshal()

package main

import "encoding/json"

type BitcoinBlock OtherBitcoinBlock

func UnmarshalBitcoinBlock(data []byte) (BitcoinBlock, error) {
    var r BitcoinBlock
    err := json.Unmarshal(data, &r)
    return r, err

func (r *BitcoinBlock) Marshal() ([]byte, error) {
    return json.Marshal(r)

type OtherBitcoinBlock struct {
    BlockIndex int64   `json:"block_index"`
    Hash       string  `json:"hash"`
    Height     int64   `json:"height"`
    Time       int64   `json:"time"`
    TxIndexes  []int64 `json:"txIndexes"`

Play with it

Visit go.quicktype.io to try it out. We eagerly await your feedback!