Paste JSON as code in Xcode and Visual Studio

quicktype is now available for Xcode, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code.

There are many ways to use quicktype; the web app is the most powerful UI, works offline, and doesn't send your data over the Internet so you can use it with any data, securely.

However, if you spend hours a day within your favorite editor or IDE, switching context to a web app feels sub-optimal. Thankfully, quicktype is now available in Xcode, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, allowing you to instantly paste JSON as statically-typed models and marshaling code without switching apps.

With the Xcode extension, you can paste JSON as Swift, Objective-C, C++, and Java:


The VS Code extension, is even more powerful, supporting all quicktype languages and allowing you to specify the top-level type name:


The Visual Studio extension is much like the rest, allowing you to paste JSON as code without leaving VS:


James Montemagno wrote an in-depth overview, including a comparison to Visual Studio's 'Paste JSON as Classes' feature.

All of these extensions are open source on GitHub, so check out how they're implemented and send a PR if you want to add a feature! We'd also love help building similar extensions for Atom, Sublime Text, and more—please join us on Slack if you're interested in contributing.